Project Description

Yellow LED Headlamp for Camping and Other Non-Lit Zones

for non-lit zones

The ELM-8184 is a yellow LED headlamp that is ideally suited for those who require hands-free lights while working in non-lit zones. The ELM-8184 comes equipped with a 0.8W rice bulb lamp that strikes up a maximum of 10 Lumens brightness. The lamp is also waterproof and aids those who work in watery mines. Apart from the lamp, the device contains two belts.

The belts are constructed in two forms: a full circle for the head and one convex form that goes from the front to back. The flexible design will allow it to be used atop a cap or regular helmet. The extendable belts fit most head sizes even without a cap. The sturdy frame makes sure it sits tightly on the head.

Product Features

  • With 0.8W rice bulb lamp built-in
  • Power source: 2 PCS AA batteries(excluded)
  • Flexible design for cap or regular helmet mounting
  • Applied in outdoor camping, car inspection, garage workshop and so on