Project Description

Universal Work Light: Perfect Mix of A Flashlight and A Work Light

magnetic universal stand

The ELM-8222 is a LED work light that has a distinct base for support and the top compartment or the head houses the light. The head is rotational atop the magnetic base and this means the angle of the beam can be adjusted. So of there would ever be a bridge between a decent worklight and an equally bright flashlight, this would be it.

The ELM-8222 has 24 white LEDs, which mark up 60 Lumens brightness at the peak of operation. The variant ELM-8222-1 is meant for enhanced illumination. It produces 160 Lumens brightness with a single 3W COB LED. As a universal workligh, the ELM-8222 suits a very diversified range of applications from work tables to travel and camping.

Common Features

  • Swivel stand with strong magnet bottom allows hands free use
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Elastic paint, good grip feeling
  • Applied in car inspection, garage workshop and so on

Universal Work Light ELM-8222 with 24 PCS White LED

  • 24 PCS bright white LED output up to 60 lumens at font

Universal Work Light ELM-8222-1 with 3W COB LED

  • 1 PC 3W COB LED output up to 160 lumens at font

Testimonials and Reviews

I got this magnetic LED work light as free samples from Everlight Mfg.. As a welding student, i am took it to my operation class. The light just give me enough brightness to welding projects, so it allows me to see what I’m doing even wear my auto-darkening hood. My classmates have tried it out and commented on how convenient it is. The best part is useing the magnetic base to attach it to the vent hood and point it at the weld joint.
Harry, Magnetic LED work light for welding
This little thing has made a world of difference while I plow our half mile of road. Backing up was a pain, really couldn’t see in the dark. Popped the light on my truck and now I can see to back up! The cool thing is this LED light could be adjusted to certain angle i need. Great stuff!
Dale, Little light - Big difference!