Project Description

Triangle Emergency Work Light: A Fantastic Accessory

strobe warning and work light

Triangle emergency work light ELM-8039 is a fantastic accessory for everyone should have more than one. Under the hood of a car, in drawers and closets, toolboxes, during an emergency roadside repair or utility power fails, this practical battery powered work light offers bright lighting/flashing with 39 LEDs (or single powerful COB LED) provides 3 light modes – white, red and strobe flashing. The portable LED flashlight with built-in magnetic base and 360 degree swivel hook. Also, it could be your road flares.

Common Features

  • 360 degree swivel hook and strong magnet bottom allows hands free use
  • The flashing red mode allow you to use it as LED road flares
  • Versatile LED work light and LED warning light
  • Adopts transparent PS lens that give you bright work site
  • Light modes alternates between the white/red/flashing red
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Applied in car inspection, construction job site, garage workshop and more
  • Compare with Emergency 39 LED Triangle Worklight

Triangle Emergency Work Light ELM-8039-1

  • COB LED with red LED allows you use it as worklight, trouble light or road flares

Triangle Emergency Work Light ELM-8039

  • 39 PCS bright LEDs (15 PCS white and 24 PCS red) which outputs up to 40 lumens as work light

Testimonials and Reviews

This small lightweight light is great in many situations. Great for the night fishing, roadside, camping. The batteries last a long time and the red flashing feature is perfect in case you need to make yourself hi-visible in the dark.
Dave, Great little light
These compact triangle light outputs big light that should help in an emergency. Use it to light up what you are doing or to signal that you need help or need to be easily seen.
Richard, Keep it in the car