Project Description

Tap Light: The Small LED for a Bunch of Large Decorations

3 lumens, 10cm size

The tap light ELM-8187 operates on two AAA batteries. The batteries are not included in the product delivery and there requirement for power supply from the mains. A bulb is included in the light, which can be either table or wall mounted. This makes the installation part a cakewalk for the user. The ideal decoration would be buy the tap lights in number and spread them across the wall in a decorative pattern. The lights are round in shape and measure 10 cms in diameter. That makes them the size of a baseball. Each light can emit up to 3 lumens of brightness. The multi-functional push light can also be used for thematic decorations in birthday parties or even in extravagant discos.

Product Features

  • Round shaped light and size: 10cm
  • Output up to 3 lumens
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries
  • Multi-functional push light