Project Description

Swivel Telescoping Worklight: Just the Ideal Flash-Worklight Duo

swivelable and extendable

The ELM-8215 is a swivel telescopic worklight that works well in most conditions. It has 10 SMD5050 lights in the front and 1W LED light in the top. The front light brightens up to 160 lumens and the top goes up to 85 lumens. So you have decent brightness overall. The operation is carried out on 4 AAA batteries and you may change the batteries after a decent usage period.

The ELM 8215-1 light has a 3W COB light in the front that works up to a brightness of 200 Lumens. There is a 1W LED on the top that comes up with a brightness of 85 Lumens. The telescopic work light is based on an extendable neck that creates the perfect duo of a flashlight and a work light. There is a magnetic base on the bottom of the light that allows it to stick well to the surfaces. The head may swivel up to 90°.

Common Features

  • 1 PCS of 1W LED output up to 85 lumens at top as flashlight
  • Lamp is featured with extendable light body and swivelable head
  • Magnetic base for hands free use
  • Power source: 4 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Good grip feeling for long time holding
  • Applied in household, car inspection, garage workshop etc.

Swivel Telescoping Worklight ELM-8215 with 10 PCS SMD5050

  • 10 PCS bright SMD5050 LED output up to 160 lumens at font
SMD Swivel Telescoping Worklight ELM-8215

Swivel Telescoping Worklight ELM-8215-1 with 1 PCS of 3W COB

  • Equipped with single 3W COB LED output up to 200 lumens at font
COB Swivel Telescoping Worklight ELM-8215-1