Project Description

Swivel Telescopic Flashlight: Meet Your Demands with Compact Design


The ELM-8216 is a swivel telescopic flashlight that has 10 front LEDs with a total light output of 50 lumens. In addition to that, there is also one 1W LED on the top. The flashlight is ideal for workspaces with very dim light conditions, hence a natural choice for workshop workers, miners, hitchhikers and campers. The swivel telescopic flashlight is powered by three AAA batteries. The magnetic base of the light placed at the bottom allows supple movement of the light head.

There are two cousins of the swivel telescopic flashlight, each having greater light output than the basic model. The ELM-8261-1 8 SMD2835 lights in front with a total output capacity of 100 lumens and one 1W LED on the top that has output capacity of 70 lumens. ELM-8216-2, another variant, has one 3W COB LED light in the front panel with an output capacity of 180 lumens and one 1W LED on the top with an output capacity of 55 lumens.

Common Features

  • ELM-8216 and ELM-8216-1: 1 PCS of 1W LED output up to 70 lumens at top as flashlight
  • Lamp is featured with extendable light body and swivelable head
  • Magnetic base for hands free use
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Good grip feeling for long time holding
  • Applied in household, car inspection, garage workshop etc.

Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216 with 10 PCS white LED

  • 10 PCS white LED output up to 50 lumens at font
LED Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216

Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216-1 with 8 PCS SMD2835

  • 8 PCS bright SMD2835 LED output up to 100 lumens at font
SMD Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216-1

Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216-2 with 1 PCS of 3W COB and 1W LED

  • Equipped with single 3W COB LED output up to 180 lumens at font
  • 1 PC of 1W LED on top as flashlight output up to 55 lumens
COB Swivel Telescopic Flashlight ELM-8216-2