Project Description

Solar Crank LED Flashlight: Utility Dual-Mode LED Lights

solar crank light, 2 LED

The ELM-8164 is a dual-power design solar crank light which comes with 2 LED bulbs. The revolutionary product runs both on solar and mechanical power. You can either switch to the mechanical mode or to the solar mode if you wish to leave lesser carbon footprints. You can find two LEDs on the front and these two have an output of 6 lumens collectively. The dual power design of the solar crank LED flashlight implies that you don’t have to look for chargers or replacement batteries. The best part of the dual LED power torch is that you can find a key ring attached with it. Therefore, you can carry it to your work site and elsewhere at ease.

Product Features

  • 2 PCS LEDs on the front, output up to 6 lumens
  • Dual power design, no battery needed
  • Equiped with key ring for pocket use