Project Description

Slim LED Work Light: Slim, Silent and Effective Illumination

slim light body, hanging hook

The USP of ELM-8145 is its slim profile and lightweight design. There are two different LED forms from which you can select one that suits your work environment. The scope for application for this slim LED work light is tremendous. You may use it for outdoor camping, emergencies and workshops. The juice is drained from 3 PCS AAA batteries. There is also a transparent protection lens that ensures protection for the underlying LED without messing up the light projection. The magnetic base takes care of a firm hold with the surface. You may also hand this slim LED work lamp with the help of a hanging hook. All of this is completed with a soft touch finish that runs smoothly over the body of the light.

  • With headlight, hanging hook and magnetic base
  • Transparent protection lens
  • Powered by 3 PCS AAA batteries
  • Perfect for outdoor camping, workshop, emergency and so on

Slim LED Work Light ELM-8145: 27+1

  • 27 PCS long lifespan white LEDs output up to 55 lumens
  • 1 PC LED on the top as headlight, 3 lumens
Slim LED Work Light

Slim LED Work Light ELM-8145-1: 15 SMD+1 LED

  • 15 PCS SMD 3528 LEDs outputs up to 120 lumens
  • 1 PC bright LED on top as headlight, 20 lumens
Slim SMD LED Work Light

Slim LED Work Light ELM-8145-2 with 3W COBx1

  • 1 PC 3W COB outputs up to 200 lumens
  • 1 PC bright LED on top as headlight, 20 lumens
Slim COB LED Work Light