Project Description

Rotating Puck Light with Variable Brightness

Manual brightness control

The ELM-8130 is a rotating puck light that comes with 7 white LEDs on a rotational panel. The entire panel is capable of being mounted atop a screw or magnet. The manual switch control can be used to vary the brightness anywhere between 6 and 20 lumens, making it a very versatile illumination product which can be used at almost every workplace.

The major merit of the light lies in how well you can adapt it to the level of brightness needed for various workplaces. Since the brightness level can be adjusted between 6 and 20 Lumens in the light, you may get things done effectively and easily in environments that are dimly or not lit. Screw mounting also adds to the range of applications.

Product Features

  • Manual brightness control from 6 lumens to 20 lumens
  • Power source: 4 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Adopts rotational panel
  • Mounted atop a screw or magnet