Project Description

Rotating LED Work Light with Complete ABS Protection

compact size, full protection

ELM-8024F Series rotating LED work light is a foldable and portable work light that serves multiple purposes. The compactly designed folding work light has complete ABS protection, which means complete protection for the light body against all sorts of high-intensity impacts. This makes the fold LED work light suitable for harshest working environments. The ELM-8024F Series LED work light is a patented product of Everlight. The rotating LED work light is available in both SMD LED and COB LED versions. Rotating LED work light comes with three AAA batteries that ensure uninterrupted usage for the end user. The self-protective work light is ideal for workers who work in harsh environments as it can protect itself from deep impacts.

Common Features

  • Patented owned
  • Compact size design, handy lights for your work
  • Full ABS protection cover, worry free and self protective
  • White LEDs/ SMD LED or COB LED for your selection
  • With 3 PCS AAA batteries
  • Rapala Folding LED Flash Light

Rotating LED Work Light ELM-8024F: White LEDx24

  • 24 PCS of long lifespan round white LEDs
  • Max output up to 60 lumens
Rotating LED Work Light

Rotating LED Work Light ELM-8024F-1: SMD2835x21

  • 21 PCS of bright SMD LEDs
  • Max output up to 125LM
Rotating SMD LED Work Light

Rotating LED Work Light ELM-8024F-2: 3W COBx1

  • 1 PCS 3W COB LED
  • Provides output up to 200 lumens
Rotating COB LED Work Light