Project Description

Portable Work Lights That Double Up As Flashlights with A Flexible Base

compact design with strong illumination capacity

The ELM-8218 and ELM-8219 LED work lights have been designed for the change in portable work light our users richly deserve. Take a look at the individual specs and you will know why.

Common Features

  • Flexible belt clip and strong magnet base allow easy to carry and hands-free use
  • The work light with swiveling stand in 120 degree pivoting
  • The light body with elastic paint, non-slip grip, good hand feeling for long time applicating
  • Adopts transparent PS lens that give you bright work site
  • Light modes alternates between the front panel and top flashlight
  • Compact shaped design gives you a handy and effective worklamp of your job site
  • 100,000h lifetime
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Could be your ideal car inspection light, construction job site light, garage work light and electrician’s best illumination choice
  • Compare to ATD-80340
The ELM-8218 draws fuel from the front-attached 3W COB LED, which lights up at 200 Lumens, making life bright enough for most adventures and odd jobs. Along with the 3W front LED, the 8218 features a 1W white LED at the top, which doubles up as a makeshift flashlight. It can strike brightness up to 80 lumens on sole effort.

The ELM-8218 portable work light also features a base magnet that is mounted atop a pivoting stand. You can make manifold uses of the 120 degree front and back movement of the stand. This also gives you the leverage to use the device at different angles, making it a portable work light, a flashlight, a study table light and most of all a light that follows your innovative appetite.

Portable work lights ELM-8218 sports:

  • 3W COB front light, 1W white LED top light
  • Magnetic pivot stand
  • 360° swivel for hanging
The ELM-8219 replicates the same front-top LED placement of its cousin. The 200 lumens, 3W COB LED at the front promises enough light for most indoor situations and outdoor camping. The ergonomic design of the light also makes it easy to hold them even when you are on the move. Featured on top of the portable work light is a 4x white LED that emits brightness up to 12 Lumens. The power source continues to be 3 AAA batteries.

Like in the ELM-8218, the 8219 portable work light has a pivoting 120 degree pivoting strand, giving you the agility you always wanted. As the spark of difference, the 8218 comes with an integrated belt clip and a 360 degree swivel hook that team up to render greater flexibility of use to the portable work light.

Portable work lights ELM-8219 sports:

  • 3W COB front LED, 4x White top LED
  • 3xAAA batteries
  • Pivot stand with 120° movement
  • Belt clip with 360° swivel hook