Project Description

Portable Emergency Alarm ELM-8230

130dB, EZ pull

Portable Emergency Alarm ELM-8230 has a very sleek and compact design, but don’t let its small size fool you. When activated the alarm emits an ear piercing 130dB sound. The Portable Emergency Alarms is activated by simply squeezing the unit from both sides, this helps ensure it won’t be accidentally set off, yet is easy enough to do in a panic situation.

It is small enough to be concealed in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse and with the Personal Alarm’s built-in key chain and clip-on attachments the alarm can be conveniently clipped to your belt, backpack. or key chain so it will be readily available in case of an emergency. Take it with you during the day on a jog, or at night when you have to cross a dark parking lot to your car. The Portable Emergency Alarm offers you security and peace of mind that fits in the palm of your hand.

Product Features

  • 130dB, built-in key chain
  • Powered by CR163x2 batteries