Project Description

Pivot Work Light: Pivots It, Illuminate Your Work

180° pivoting, white LED/ SMD/ COB

The multi-use LED pivot work light from Everlight Manufacturing has taken the market by storm. Completely operated by battery, varied LED light sources like SMD LED, COB LED and white LEDs constitute this extraordinary light. This particular pivot work light with its 360 degree swiveling hook and a magnetic back helps those who wish to use this as a hands free option. The swiveling stand can move in no less than 180 degrees, which means light can be obtained in almost all directions. Its compact shaped design and the capacity to alternate between front portion and the top flashlight adds to the appeal. For those keen to lay their hands on an efficient pivot work light, this one is ideal for car inspection, construction work, garage purposes and so on.

Common Features

  • 360 degree swiveling hook and strong magnet back/ bottom allow hands-free use
  • The work light with swiveling stand in 180 degree pivoting
  • The light body with elastic paint, non-slip grip, good hand feeling for long time applicating
  • Adopts transparent PS lens that give you bright work site
  • Light modes alternates between the front panel and top flashlight
  • Compact shaped design gives you a handy and effective worklamp of your work site
  • 100,000h lifetime
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Size: 22×5.7×3.0 CM, weight: 215g without batteries
  • Could be your ideal car inspection light, construction job site light, garage work light…
  • Compare with Cliplight PIVOT and Prime-Lite 24-451

Pivot Work Light ELM-8217 with white LEDx36+F8 LEDx1

  • 36 PCS of long-life LEDs lights output up to 75 lumens(font)
  • 1 PC of F8 LED on top as flashlight, output up to 35 lumens
LED Pivot Work Light

Pivot Work Light ELM-8217-1 with SMD5730x8+F8 LEDx1

  • 8 PCS of bright SMD LEDs output up to 100 lumens(low-brightness) or 200 lumens(brightest) at font
  • 1 PC of F8 LED on the head as flashlight output up to 35 lumens
SMD Pivot Work Light

Pivot Work Light ELM-8217-2 with 3W COBx1+F8 LEDx1

  • 1 PC of 3W COB on front, output up to 110 lumens(low-brightness) or 220 lumens(brightest)
  • 1 PC of F8 LED on the head as flashlight output up to 35 lumens
COB Pivot Work Light