Project Description

Metal Slim Work Lamp: Thin Light Body Built for DIYer

not just about slim

Metal slim work lamp ELM-8209 has been designed and built for home improvement. Thin metal light body is featured with work light(@front, SMD type ELM-8209 150 lumens, COB type ELM-8209-1 240 lumens) and flashlight(@top brightness up to 12 lumens) and could brighten a dark corner through simply switch. A standard 4 PCS AAA battery serves the power requirement for the battery. Apart from this, a 180° swivel gives the user the most applicable visual environment. The great choice of LED work light for all work environments.

  • Magnetic base allows hands-free use
  • Slim light body is suitable for various work sites
  • 180 degrees swiveling gives you a comfort visual environment
  • Single SMD2835 on the top as flashlight and brightness up to 12 lumens
  • Power source: 4 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)

Metal Slim Work Lamp ELM-8209 with 10+1 PCS of SMD2835

  • 10 PCS of SMD2835 on the front panel outputs 150 lumens
Magnetic Dual-LED Work Light

Metal Slim Work Lamp ELM-8209-1 with COB LED and single SMD2835 on top

  • Single COB LED on the front panel outputs 240 lumens
Magnetic COB LED Work Light

Testimonials and Reviews

Thin and bendable panel make it useful in narrow work space. I use it everyday for work on my rig and bring it hone weekend.
Brandon, Thin light for narrow space
I am a electrician and using this slim and versatile light in the poorly light work sites.
Manuel, Must have it in my toolbox