Project Description

Mechanic Work Light: High Brightness with Optional Flashlight

mechanic’s choice

The ELM-8077 is a flashlight shaped magnetic work light that can be recharged after use. The application friendly light can be charged with a normal charger or a cigarette charger. The light draws fuel from a 3xAA NI-MH 800mA battery that powers it through intense hours of various applications. The torch shaped light is suited for a wide range of applications. As a mechanic work light, it can fit in most cramped spaces.

The ELM-8077 is available in two models: ELM-8077L and ELM-8077L-1. The ELM-8077L has 60 white LEDs on the front, which deliver high brightness of 85 lumens. As flashlight, it gives you a brightness of 30 lumens. The ELM-8077L-1 has 30 SMB5050 LEDs on front which work up very high 200 Lumens. The 17 white LEDs allow 30 lumens of brightness in the flashlight.

Common Features

  • 17 PCS of white LED on the top as flashlight
  • Power source: rechargeable Ni-MH 800mA
  • 100,000h lifetime
  • Applied in car inspection, garage workshop and so on

Mechanic Work Light ELM-8077 with 60 PCS White LED

  • 60 PCS of white LED output up to 85 lumens at font
LED Mechanic Work Light

Mechanic Work Light ELM-8077-1 with 30 PCS of SMD5050 LED

  • 30 PCS SMD5050 LED output up to 200 lumens at font
SMD Mechanic Work Light