Project Description

Magnetic LED Torch: Multi-purpose LED Flashlights

top and side light, 3+1 LED

ELM-8122 is a multipurpose magnetic flashlight that has a magnetic base. You can find one light on the top and three LED lights on the sides. The magnetic work light is battery powered, has a compact cylindrical design, and a magnetic base. The multipurpose LED light is widely used in workshops and other industrial areas. The three pieces of LEDs that can be found on the side have a combined output of 60 lumens, whereas the solitary LED on top has a maximum output of 20 lumens. The multi-purpose LED flashlight torch is powered by three pieces of AAA batteries. ELM-8122 magnetic LED torch is an LED light that can be used in camp sites and in workshops.

Product Features

  • 3 PCS LEDs as side light (output 60 lumens), 1 PC LED on top (output 20 lumens)
  • Powered by 3xAAA batteries