Project Description

LED Tent Light: Smart Illumination Tool for Outdoor Outings

round shape, multi-function

The LED tent light ELM-8021 is a round shape LED light idealized for use in tents and outdoor camps. It can offer maximum brightness of 65 lumens. There are 4 AAA batteries that power the device. You may also request additional batteries for LED camping lantern. The swivel hook attached to the rear of the light further adds to the applications of the light and facilitate easy mounting of the light onto the frame of the tent. You can also control the brightness level of the LED outdoor light and choose to expand the life of the light. Features like night light and time setting also help in ensuring that the batteries of the LED tent light are not drained unnecessarily.

Product Features

  • With swivel hook located at the rear of tent light
  • Able to let you manage power to longer your batteries
  • Easy mounting to tent frame
  • Batteries are supplied or in accordance with your request
  • With 4 PCS AAA batteries
  • Max up to 65 lumens