Project Description

LED Telescoping Flashlights: Dual-Mode Inspection Torch

telescopic head, rechargeable

ELM-8028B is a rechargeable inspection light that bears a push-up telescopic design. The feature-rich LED inspection light is optimized for usage in workshop environments, especially in automobile workshops. These LED telescoping flashlights come with magnetic bases that help in hands-free operation. These LED rechargeable inspection lights come in hard-wearing and anti-slip rubber casings. The rechargeable LED flashlight case is shock-proof, water-resistance and oil-resistant. ELM-8028B is available in white 27+1 LED and 5 SMD+1 F8 LED variants. These LED telescoping flashlights are powered by three AAA 800 MA NiMH batteries. While the ELM-8028B comes with 27 pieces of white LEDs, the ELM-8028B-1 comes with 5 pieces of SMD5050 LEDs. The dual-mode rechargeable LED telescopic flashlights are highly useful for regular operations in workshops.

Product Features

  • Anti-slip rubberized housing
  • Rechargeable Flashlight: powered by 3xAAA 800MA rechargeable NiMH batteries
  • Incorporated magnetic base
  • Front panel LED: ELM-8028B 27PCS of white LEDs, ELM-8028B-1 5 PCS SMD5050 LEDs