Project Description

LED Telescopic Flashlight: Compact Work Sites’ Worklight

telescopic head, magnetic base

The LED telescopic flashlight ELM 8142 is all you need for the compact work station. Fueling the brightness of the LED is a front panel with 18 PCS of integrated LEDs. These make for most of the brightness emitted by the magnetic flashlight. The ELM-8142-1 has three SMD 5050 LEDs. There is a magnetic mounting base and a hand rope at the bottom of the device to facilitate solid mounting and sturdiness. An output of up to 20 lumens is achieved by 5 PCs of LEDs that are fitted on the top of the torch and worklight. There are also some 4 AAA batteries working for the setup to function. The telescopic head only adds to the utility of this LED telescopic flashlight.

Product Features

  • Battery Operated Flashlight: powered by 4 AAA batteries
  • 5 PCS LEDs on the top, output up to 20 lumens
  • Magnetic mounting base and hand rope on the bottom
  • Front panel LED: ELM-8142 18PCS of white LEDs, ELM-8142-1 3 SMD5050 LEDs