Project Description

LED Puck Light: The Lifetime Lasting Motion Sensor Light

90 degrees adjustable, auto wireless activated

ELM-8156 is a LED puck light that also plays the part of a directional motion sensor light. The installation of the ELM-8156 is a breeze and it can be installed either with screw mounting or with a velcro. The great thing about this indoor motion sensor LED puck light is that the LED in the light will never need to be replaced in its lifetime. The power requirement is completed by 3 AA batteries. The device is available for 1500 activations on just one set of batteries. The battery operated puck light has 8 white LEDs that work up to 30 lumens of brightness and offer some 100,000 hours of lifetime. There are two 90° adjustable heads of the LED puck light.

Product Features

  • Battery Operated Motion Sensor Light: powered by 3 AA batteries
  • With 2 PCS 90 degrees adjustable light heads
  • 8 white LEDs, output up to 30 lumens with 100,000 hours lifetime
  • LED never needs replacing, more than 1,500 activations on one set of batteries
  • Easy Installation and convenient: velcro or screw mounting

Newly launched: LED Puck Light ELM-8156-1 which adopted SMD5050x2 as light source.