Project Description

LED Magnetic Pen Light: The Pocket and Environment Friendly Torch

6PCS LEDs, magnetic base

The LED Magnetic Pen light ELM-8207 is both pocket-friendly and environmentally safe. It’s square and elongated shape makes it a perfect fit for most modern pockets. The cubical shape of the light makes of three separate mounting bases, each of them with magnetic strip for better grip. A total of 6 SMD LEDs are decked on to the body of the light, taking the brightness level this LED square pocket light to 50 lumens. There are 3 AAA batteries in the light. The batteries can be charged easily. Applications of the LED magnetic pen light may not be limited to working spaces. You may also use it as an under-hood light below the hood of the vehicle. The gray and blue color combinations works well with the ergonomics.

Product Features

  • Battery Operated LED Pocket Light: powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • 6PCS of SMD LEDs 50 lumens
  • 3PCS magnetic mounting bases