Project Description

LED Magnetic Pen Flashlight: Work Light for Compact Spaces

with flashlight, magnetic base

The LED magnetic pen flashlight ELM-8181 is available in two models: ELM-8181 and ELM-8181-1. Battery operated and supported by 3 AAA batteries, this can be used as a LED pocket light with flashlight. While the 8181 draws fuel from 7 PCS of SMD LEDs, the 8181-1 is a COB LED. The brightness of ELM-8181 SMD LED pen lights and ELM-8181-1 COB LED pen light are 75 lumens and 100 lumens respectively. Like most other products in the ELM series, there is a magnetic mounting base on the bottom of the light for better surface grip. The magnet base of the SMD LED pen work light also prevents it from toppling over. There is also a pocket clip that ensures the LED magnetic pen flashlight is clings on to the user’s body when not in use.

Product Features

  • Battery Operated LED Pocket Light: powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • Flashlight on the bottom, adopts F10 LED(5 lumens)
  • Magnetic mounting base on pocket clip
  • Brightness:
    ELM-8181: 7PCS of SMD LEDs 75 lumens
    ELM-8181-1: 1PC of COB 100 lumens