Project Description

LED Kickstand Work Light: Your Friend for the Road

ergonomic light body with kickstand

The ELM-8028L is pet-named the LED Kickstand work light for a reason: it delivers. This light includes 28 meticulous pieces of white round LEDs. ELM-8028L-1 is another option that comes with 2 PCS of 1w LED. Hands free usage of the light is facilitated by the kickstand design. Also, and ergonomic design and remarkable form factor makes it a pleasure to hold the product. A rubber cover on the grip makes sure you are never out of its control. There is standard application of 3 PCS AAA batteries. In the 24 LEDs version, there are 28 PCS long lifespan and up to 50 lumens of brightness is achieved. The 1Wx2 version can produce about 110 lumens of brightness. The 1 COB LED takes it to 220 lumens of brightness.

LED Kickstand Work Light ELM-8028L: 28 LEDs

  • 28 PCS long lifespan white LEDs output up to 50 lumens

LED Kickstand Work Light ELM-8028L-1: 1Wx2

  • 2 PCS 1W LED outputs up to 110 lumens

LED Kickstand Work Light ELM-8028L-2: COBx1

  • 1 PC of COB LED outputs up to 220 lumens