Project Description

LED Inspection Lamp: The Bright Answer to Illumination Issues

oval shaped, magnetic base on back side

The oval shaped ELM-8024 LED inspection lamp is available both in LEDs and COB LED models. The oval shape of the product along with the anti-slip rubber material makes sure that the light fits perfectly in hand and does not slip away. The device can be used hands free with the help of a hanging hook and magnetic base. The COB LED work light draws fuel from 3 PCS AA batteries. The ELM-8024L has 24 White LED lights that can produce brightness up to 50 lumens. On the other hand 1 COB LED has 1 PCS 3W COB LED. The total brightness can climb up to 300 lumens, making it exceptionally bright. This also adds to the range of applications of the product.

  • Hanging hook and magnetic base
  • Slip rubber on each side
  • LEDs selection: COB or white LED
  • With 3 PCS AA batteries
  • Compare to: Ring 24 LED Inspection Light

LED Inspection Lamp ELM-8024L: 24 LEDs

  • 24 PCS long lifespan white LEDs output up to 50 lumens

LED Inspection Lamp: ELM-8024L-1: 3W COB LED

  • 1 PCS 3W COB LED outputs up to 300 lumens