Project Description

LED Headlamp: Brightening Up the Most Difficult Terrains

5PCS LEDs, slip design switch

The LED headlamp ELM-8185 is the ideal light gear for the head. Powered by 3 AAA standard batteries, this gear makes sure you have enough power when you tread through difficult terrains. The gear can also be used as a biking safety light as it ensures biking expeditions are not limited to daytimes. The headlamp features 5 round white LEDs. Together, the LEDs help the device reach brightness of up to 20 lumens. That makes the LED headlight bright enough for most road expeditions. The USP of the LED headlamp is a slip design switch. This switch is centrally located and makes access easier for riders. The gear can also be used as a handy hiking trail light and emergency mining light.

Product Features

  • 5 PCS round white LEDs, up to 20 lumens
  • Slip design switch, control easily
  • Battery powered by 3 PCS AAA