Project Description

LED Focusable Flashlight: Super-Bright Lightweight LED Torch

1W LED, focusable

ELM-8148 is a 1W LED focusable flashlight with 1W high-power LED which produces 50 lumens brightness. The LED flashlight is one of the popular focusable flashlights from Everlight Manufacturing. It has robust ABS housing with elastic paint cover. Besides, the LED focusable is lightweight, which guarantees greater ease of operation. Hand rope is also available. The focusable LED torch light is powered by three pieces of AAA batteries. The 1W LED light has an output capacity of 50 lumens. The LED focusing lens of the LED focusable flashlight helps in directional lighting at work sites and elsewhere. The LED flashlight is widely used by construction workers and vehicle inspectors.

Product Features

  • Battery Operated Flashlight: powered by 3 AAA batteries
  • 1W LED, output up to 50 lumens
  • Hand rope on the bottom
  • ABS housing light body