Project Description

High Brightness Headlamp: Tri-Fold Brightness and Identification Light

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The ELM-8199 comes loaded with a series of features, starting with a 3W CREE LED that happily brightens up to 120 lumens of brightness and helps you get through most tasks of a dark household. The focusable beam of the light can be adjusted easily and you may choose one mode between spot and flood.

The ELM-8199 high brightness headlamp is available in a total of three shifts: flashing, low brightness and high brightness. There is also a red light behind the head lamp, which is controlled by the same switch that adjusts brightness. It is generally used as a mark of identification that people can see to spot a person from far off. There are 3 AAA batteries that initiate the charge and they can be changed once they are out of juice. The direction of rays can be changed using the 45° swivel handle.

Product Features

  • 3W CREE LED, 3 shifts and focusable design
  • 45° swivel light direction
  • Battery powered by 3 PCS AAA
  • Brightness:
    120 lumens(flood)
    60 lumens(spot)