Project Description

Handheld Work Light with Lean Frame and Advanced Higher Brightness

with pivoting stand

The ELM-8157 is a handheld worklight that promises loads of applications. The contracted bar build is designed to make the light fit in non-work uniforms and extremely cramped paces as well. Equipped with a hanging ring, you can also use it from walls or ceilings. The pivoting stand has a built-in magnet that gives the much needed stability to the lean frame.

The flashlight comes with a 1W LED and can strike brightness up to 65 Lumens. The ELM-8157 8 white LEDs in the front that works up brightness of 21 Lumens. The other variants include 8 SMD5050 LEDs at the front that generate 85 Lumens of work. There is also a 3W COB LED variant that is capable of producing up to 150 lumens of brightness in the handheld worklight.

Common Features

  • Swivel hanging ring and pivoting stand with strong magnet bottom allows hands free use
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Elastic paint, good grip feeling
  • 1W LED on the top as flashlight
  • Applied in car inspection, garage workshop and so on

Handheld Work Light ELM-8157 with 8 PCS White LED

  • 8 PCS bright white LED output up to 60 lumens at font
LED Handheld Work Light

Handheld Work Light ELM-8157-1 with 8 PCS of SMD5050

  • 8 PCS SMD5050 LED output up to 85 lumens at font
SMD Handheld Work Light

Handheld Work Light ELM-8157-2 with 3W COB LED

  • 1 PC 3W COB LED output up to 150 lumens at font
COB Handheld Work Light