Project Description

Goose Neck Work Light for Flexible Personal Use

universal and flexible

The goose neck work light ELM-8121 comes with a flexible neck that can be rotated at any angle. With that form of a neck, you only have to stretch your imagination to list out the uses of the light. It can be used as a personal travel study light and can also be one of the best choices for a worklight in cramped spaces. The neck can also bend to offer flexible heights.

The magnetic base of the light makes sure it does not lose center of gravity in an otherwise lightweight device. There is a single 1W LED in the device that powers up 50 lumens of brightness. That makes it bright enough for reading and other similar activities.

Product Features

  • Featured with universal and flexible goose neck
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Magnetic bases on bottom
  • 100,000h lifetime
  • Applied in wooden work, garage workshop and so on