Project Description

Flashlight with Side Light Atop A Sturdy Magnetic Base

Dual usage torch

The ELM-8037 is primarily an LED flashlight that doubles up as a side light when needed. The straight build of the light makes it very easy to carry around. From pockets to small purses, the light can fit almost anywhere. The flashlight is decently bright owing to the 1W LED at the top that works up brightness up to 65 lumens.

The side light is comprised of 10 small white LEDs that generate a total brightness of 30 Lumens. Add to these the magnetic base at the bottom of the light and we have something that generates just enough utility for everyday oddities. The ELM-8037 flashlight with side light is available in black and white options.

Product Features

  • With magnetic base built-in
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Elastic paint, good grip feeling
  • Applied in outdoor camping, car inspection, garage workshop and so on