Project Description

Flashlight Lamp: Dual Purpose with Swivel Hook

worklight with torch

The ELM-8027 comes with a standard classic design and is encased in an ovoid case. The device is meant to be chiefly used as a flashlight lamp and there are 3 LEDs in total that generate a total of 10 lumens brightness. Like the standard ELM series, the light features a hanging hook with 360° rotational angle. This allows the light to be easily maneuvered in most directions, adding to the scale of applications.

The magnetic base of the light adds more weight and imparts a sturdy feeling to the light, while adding to the hold on metallic surfaces. The ELM-8027 has 24 LEDs in front, giving up to 60 lumens brightness. The ELM-8027-1 has a 3W COB LED that works up 160 lumens of brightness.

Common Features

  • Featured with 3 PCS white LED as flashlight
  • 360 degree swivel hook and strong magnet bottom allows hands free use
  • Power source: 3 PCS AAA batteries(excluded)
  • Elastic paint, good grip feeling
  • 100,000h lifetime
  • Applied in car inspection, garage workshop and so on

Flashlight Lamp ELM-8027 with 24 PCS White LED

  • 24 PCS of bright white LED output up to 60 lumens at font
Flashlight Lamp

Flashlight Lamp ELM-8027-1 with 3W COB LED

  • 1 PC of 3W COB LED output up to 160 lumens at font
COB Flashlight Lamp