Project Description

Flameless Candles: The Multi-Colored Bright Candle Light

candle shaped, battery-operated

The LED flameless candles ELM-8153 designed are designed to give out the feel of real candles at work. The LED flameless candle provides a bear-accurate resemblance of real candles. The product is safe for use indoors and outdoors and you can always have that risk free approach toward a fire situation. Also, unlike conventional candles, you will not need to worry about the candles shortening in length. The device is available in many colors including the red flameless candle. Each candle is powered by two AA batteries. The Led flameless light is safe for use both indoor and outdoor. So the next time you plan a candle-lit dinner, you have the option to go easy on the environment and low on energy.

Product Features

  • Resemble candle flame, battery-powered
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • The color of light: red/ yellow
  • With 2 PCS AA batteries
  • Various color for light body