Project Description

Dynamo LED Flashlight: Portable Hidden handle Design Torch

3 LED, mechanically powered

ELM-8025 is a versatile dynamo flashlight torch which is mechanically powered. The three pieces of NiMH batteries are the power source of the dynamo LED flashlight. Like many other ELM series products, it also has 3-LED light source and a hidden handle design. It also has a compact design (just 84x51x32 mm) and weighs only 70 grams. The lightweight LED flashlight is indeed a portable mechanically powered torch which you can easily carry along with you to places. You can keep it in your car or handbag or simply take it with while taking an evening stroll in the park. The three LEDs on the front have a total output of 8 lumens max. The coolest thing about this Dynamo LED flashlight is that you don’t need to change batteries.

Product Features

  • 3 PCS LEDs on the front, output up to 8 lumens
  • Hidden handle design, no battery needed