Project Description

Cemetery Grave Memorial Light: Low Cost and Eco-Friendly

red cross, battery-operated

The cemetery grave memorial light Elm-8152 is essentially a lit red cross on top of a cylindrical pedestal meant for a grave memorial. The basic idea behind the light is to create a modern memento in line with the traditional candle. These LED grave lights are powered by one AA battery each. The candles are expected to last at least 6 months on a single set of batteries. The LED Memorial light can be used both indoor and outdoor and are equipped to bear regular wear expected in an outdoor environment. The LED candle cross is also meant for regular use at home at places of worship. But the moot purpose of the device is that of a cemetery grave light.

Product Features

  • LED Candle cross suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Red LED light inside
  • Requires 1 PCS C and AA batteries. At least 6-months of light on one set of batteries
  • With red cross