LED Work Light: Best Portable Cordless Work Site Lights

Everlight Manufacturing is committed to providing owners and managers of various work sites with battery operated cordless work lights that are handy, bright, durable and affordable. Our LED work lights are built with advanced technology and are designed to bring more light and convenience to your work sites. We pay keen attention to your lighting needs each time we set to design a new work light.

The demand for LED work lights has been rising ever since their inception. If you’re on a lookout for a reputable cordless work light supplier, Everlight Manufacturing is one manufacturer and seller of LED work lights you can trust on.

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outstanding portable LED work light vendor
  • Designed to be work-friendly: Ergonomic and highly useful lighting products

    The compact and rubber-coated finishes of our LED work site lights give you excellent grip. Additionally, the magnetic backing, the pivoting stand and the rotating hook are just some other parts that can ensure complete illumination of your work area, without any dead corner and with your hands free.

  • Latest products to meet varied requirements

    We always keep ourselves updated about the latest advancements in alternative lighting technologies.
    We launch new LED work lights and upgrade current work lamp to different light sources such as SMDs LEDs, COB LEDs and various power sources (rechargeable, battery-powered, solar-powered etc)

  • Exceptional portable LED work light vendor with 27+ owned patents

    We always ensure that you get the most innovative designs in the present competitive market. We do not copy from others and you can always expect creatively designed and energy saving LED work lights from us.

Test Report: View and download the catalog of LED work lights that will let you find the type of worklight needed quickly. And we will offer spectrophotometer test report (sample report) according to the model number.