LED Light Hack Start-Off List: Step Beyond Innovation

When LED flashlights were first launched, they became a huge phenomenon as thousands of consumers’ ditched conventional lighting solutions and opted for LED flashlights. Today, they are common as kitchens in most households and offices.

Like all phenomena, the logical progression for LED flashlights was found in innovation.

We went through some of the most innovative applications of LED flashlights and we must concede we have been astounded with the kind of LED light hack ideas we have seen so far.

How far have you gone to test your own creativity with LED lights? Not much? Let us take you through some of the best applications and you may replicate a couple or three at your own place.

LED light hack #1: DSLR Video Light

If you own a DSLR, it is a given that you love capturing moments. But how about capturing lengths of time? Most DSLR owners complain about poor video quality. Experts believe that it is more the light that the lens that kills the video in DSLRs.

Imagine you plan to shoot a video of your friend performing a solo at a downtown club with your DSLR and low-light video capturing is not the greatest strength of your camera. You will need some extra light to level up to 720p video quality.

Purchasing an LED video light could be a straight way to go through it. But a little browsing could tell you that you may not be able to afford the light just yet. But there is a way you can get the job done for a cheaper price. You may find an elongated camping light for under $10. Since the price of the light is so low, you may even look to buy two of them. Keep one and use the other for random experiments.

Now, how was the light attached to the camera? Like this:

LED light hack: regular LED work light can be used as DSLR video light

Well, this might not look to be the best way to attach a light to a camera (some may even find it gross), this is one way to fix your low-light video capturing at the drop of a hat.

While it may look crude like it does, it nevertheless solves the puzzle for you. In this image, you can see how the flash has been tied together with shoestrings. You may also try wrapping some foam around the light to see how it diffuses the light.

The only downside that one could think with the DIY is the light projecting in only one direction. The planting was elongated since the shoot was meant for a person. A horizontal tying would do better for landscape shoots.

Also, you could use strong transparent tape to hide those hanging strings.

LED light hack #2: Headlamp Lantern

If you are even the slightest of a social media fan, there are many ways in which you may tickle your innovative self. Obviously the practicability of these ideas is best decided when put to test, but it always fun trying out a few. Many links to websites posted by social media users are sadly broken. Nevertheless, this one worked and worked big!

For one, this is one of those ideas sourced directly from the social media. This also turns out to be one of the simpler innovations you can practice with LED flashlights. The idea is simple – you take a small headlamp into a big lantern that could be a great addition to say a camping zone or a power outage situation.

If you are an aspiring prepper, this could be your claim to fame!

The idea basically comes free of cost and so do the supplies! You may expect to find a decent headlamp lying somewhere with your camping supplies or prepper store. While the other item is a little more commonplace, finding it could be a tad difficult. A well-rinsed and empty milk container is what we need here. It can be a difficult buy as we mostly recycle these containers.

Here are the headlamp lantern needs:

LED light hack: regular LED headlamp can be used as camping lantern
To test the waters, fill up the milk jug with water. Wrap the strap of the headlamp around the jug. Do not switch on the headlamp now. First, turn off the lights of the room. Now, turn the headlamp on.

The Result could well be a small scale wonder!

While the results are generally pleasing, it would not be anywhere close to a household lamp in terms of lighting capacity. But in camping zones and blackouts, this could just be the weapon you need.

More ideas of LED wall light for use:

  • Create a trail of lanterns around your camp fencing
  • Group lamps together right below the dining table
  • Hang the lamp from a tent
  • Create a circle of lamps for a dance floor
  • Add to lamps to one container for brighter light
  • Add color to the water to create differently colored light

LED light hack #3: Wall Light DIY

Mix IKEA Candle Holder with LED Work Light

That is right. A candle holder can be used as a garden shade! This is in fact one of the cutest ever applications of Led lights ever seen. The idea was to have a simple yet safe wooden outdoor lighting solution that would look decent and have a touch of homeliness about it.

Here is what you would need to complete the project:

LED light hack: wall light DIY, mix IKEA candle holder with LED work light

  • Candle Holder (IKEA SKURAR): comes under $10. You may buy it for both the walls. This adds some symmetry and creates more light. If you have the budget you may add as many you like.
  • Round LED Magnetic Light, preferably one with a hook. You may also purchase the hook additionally. Again, this does not cost much. You may have it at half the price of the candle holders. Depending on your budget, buy as many as you can.
  • Screw-hooks that are up to 20 mm long.

The candle holders can be used vertically. You may either have them face upward or downward. The hooks that come with the light can be more circular that you expected. You may use your pliers to cut them. That way, the shade can be hooked better. Use two hooks for each shade so that it does not twist in wither end.

Screw two hooks at one and a half inch away from one another. You would want to mark the heights before you do that.

All you need to do after this is mount the LED light at the candle-holder’s bottom and then mount the shades on the hooks you fixed!

Since the LED light operates with battery, every time you wish to turn it on, you will have to put your hand inside the lamp shade and turn the switch on.

LED light hack: how to DIY LED wall light with LED worklight

As soon as you turn on the light, you will get to see how lovely it looks. Though the light is pretty strong, the lacy pattern of the candle holder will break and soften it. Also, LED light is ideal for this project since the surroundings are of wood.

Added innovations

While the project turned out to be a great success for a small outhouse, you may also try it out in the following manner:

  • Use it in a wooden late night party room
  • Create a cool light decoration for a wood wall
  • Use it during small office parties
  • Create dedicated gifts for your family

LED light hack #4: Mini Bike LED Light Hack

When it comes to LED flashlight hack, this is as easy as it gets. For one, the mini bike LED hack was created in a manner even fifth graders could use it well. We have already seen how flashlights have been attached to handles of horse shoe clamps and zip ties. Tube assist comes to mind as another great bike hack that you can do in just about a few seconds.

LED light hack: how to DIY Mini bike driving light with LED flashlight

But this bike hack is different: it is as simple as it is useful. Here is what you will need:

  • 2 Mini Maglite
  • 1 Red Cover Glass (Maglite)
  • 1 inner-tubing for racebike
  • 1 Mini LED Mod
  • Scissors

Cut by length the inner tubing. Make it twice the length of the Maglite. You need to ensure that the corners if the tube are rounded. They should not tear away under tension. Now cut differently sized rings out of the tube. Here, you will need to entwine the tube in a way that it becomes like an 8. Repeat the process to achieve another similar shape.

You now have a long tube, two single rubbers and two 8’s. If the parts are still powdery, feel free to give them a wash.

You can pile the setup together in the following manner:

  • On the longer end of the tube, put a Maglite Mini. This must be done on the end where the lamp is facing outward
  • Wrap the slit end around the light and pull over the light the last few centimeters of the tube
  • Treat the single bands as spare parts and put them over the lamp’s head
  • One of the ends of the 8 bands has to be placed on the light’s front and the other end at the light’s back

LED light hack: how to DIY Mini bike tail light with LED flashlight

You can repeat the same procedure for the other light.

You now have a near waterproof Maglite Mini that can be used on your bike. The two 8 bands ensure that the light is not mounted parallel or perpendicular to any tube on the bike.

The front light can be mounted perpendicular to the tube below the handle of the bike and the rear light works best when placed parallel to the carrier.

You will be pleased to know that these lights will happily comply with the Dutch laws for bicycle lighting. Now that is an added incentive!

But the real deal is the nice and far beam that the Maglite Mini casts. At times, it almost feels as if it is a car headlamp. The rubber mount makes it too easy to adjust even when you are on the move.

LED light hack #5: Mini Maglite LED Lihgt Hack

Have you ever found the old Mini Maglite in your dad’s desk out of battery? If you replaced the battery and it was still not working, that is because the bulb is dead. Getting something like a blue LED could well be the next logical thought.

But just there:

You can do something amazing with the Maglite Mini. How? Let us find out!

how to mini maglite LED hack

Gathering Materials


  • Drill press
  • Electric drill
  • Wire Press


  • Maglite Flashlight (Mini)
  • SuperBright LED (5mm)


how to mini maglite LED hack, gather the tools

This is the time to disassemble the major flashlight components. Included is the main handle, the screw-in thing, battery, reflector, the head, the front cap and yes, the bulb. None of these parts need to be removed with the help of any tool. Do not remove any part that would require the use of tool.

Most of the parts actually come out pretty easily!

Comparison of Lights

how to mini maglite LED hack, comparison of lights

At this point, take out a moment to compare the lights with the original light. One clear difference is the material of the lights. The bulb, being glass has a danger of breaking when out of the torch. The LED on the other hand is a solid chunk of plastic.

Also, the bulb will heat up in the fraction of a second and the LED will take quite some time just to warm up. Imperatively, the LED will be bigger than the old bulb and will not diverge as rapidly.

Modify the Reflector

LED light hack: how to mini maglite LED hack, modify the reflector

So that the LED fits snugly into its new compartment, the hole of the reflector needs to be broadened a bit. If you have a 5mm LED, the hole will have to be made a little larger. While a drill press is better recommended for the job, you may also make do with an electric drill.

Do widen the reflector hole more than needed. That may cause the LED to pop out of the hole.

Reassembly of parts

LED light hack: how to mini maglite LED hack, reassembly of parts

After you have inserted the LED into the reflector hole, so the following:

Place the battery back where it was in the handle and test for polarity.

Insert the new LED in two small holes (as in image). If things are bright enough, the LED will light up! Make sure the LED retains its spot so that things can be fit in properly.

Place the modified reflector right where it belonged in the head of the flashlight.

Screw in the front cap and the reflector of the flashlight and mind the plastic shield as well.

The head is screwed back to the handle!

If everything happens as planned, you get a very bright LED flashlight!