Everlight Manufacturing: The Innovative Provider of Plastic Electronics

As an established manufacturer of LED lighting, reputed for LED work lights, LED flashlight, LED penlight, outdoor camping lights, LED motion sensor lights, and so on.

With profound experience in the LED lighting industry, Everlight Manufacturing consolidates its position as an established manufacturer in plastic electronics and keeps continuous development regarding construction electronics/security electronics.


We, at Everlight Manufacturing believes, quick and efficient response in meeting the market requirements are the key factors to having sustainable growth and consolidating market leadership.

To achieve the objectives, there are 4 main phases to be considered during product development.

#1 Define the specification and design concept
#2 Tooling, sample testing, and product validation
#3 Trial production run
#4 Mass commercial production
All 4 phases will be completed in less than 45 days or maximum.

Everlight Manufacturing – Your trusted partner for sustainable business growth!

With many years’ persistent endeavor of our people, Everlight Manufacturing has established a whole set of management system and has passed ISO 9001:2008 International Quality Management System and BSCI, also endorsed by many famous companies such as Walmart, Kingfisher, Draper Tools, hama and more.

Professional and Timely Communication

Our in-house sales and technicians are ready for your inquiries and remedy of troubles all the time. They would be your side whenever you need help. And then they will give you our suggestions and solutions. We can optimize your purchasing cost of existed products line and recommend you the up to date items for the market or probably potential sales opportunities. You can get to our service via email, the 24×7 support line. Now, English and Chinese bilingual language on-line services are available. We will be glad to help you.

Keeping You Up-To-Date With Industry

With us, no trend in the industry goes unnoticed. We utilize research findings and trend reports to identify what is relevant and what might be valuable soon so we are ready to cater to your needs for LED lighting products. By attending industry exhibitions and visiting target market, we know what is happening in the industry and are open to change. We also stay in tabs with market influencers to learn what the latest products, technology, and their accompanying emerging trends. Trust us that we will support you to keep pace with the trend.

Turning Inspiration into Action

We have the right skills and resources to enhance mass production of your goods. And we are inclined to evaluate your idea, commit time to it, and implement the agreed upon plan not only to turn it into reality but also manufacture products in your desired amounts timely and reliably so you can gain maximum benefits. We have the right attitude to journey with you in turning your inspiration into action and help you have a mass production of your goods just as you envisioned it. Don’t let it slip away whenever inspiration strikes!