COB LED Work Light: New Age Budget LED Built-in

Have you heard enough about COB LED in your recent searches?

If yes, you must have wondered if COB products are for you. We help you out with the concept and take you through some of the best products in COB.

What is COB LED?

Chip on board LED or COB LED is a famous bare chip technology in which the bare chip is connected with the substrate using conductive or a non-conductive adhesive. It is then connected to the wire bonding to draw electricity. In the package, the substrate is directly attached to a number of chips. The rest of the package is completed using epoxy resin and other materials. The yellow part seen is phosphor.

Cutting-Edge technology by Everlight Manufacturing

At Everlight Mfg, we are confident that the technology used in COB LED magnetic light will stand the test of time, performance and maintenance. Our technicians have been working with this new genre of LED and we are sure it will stand high on your expectations.

We are always high on innovation when it comes to technology and our approach to COB LED work light products is no different.

Benefits of COB LED

You can save about 30% of the application cost with COB LED. Our research team has found that most of the cost in the application is due to the package cost incurred on the LED. This is substituted by production cost and secondary distribution costs. This holds great significance in the promotion and application of semiconductor lighting.

When it comes to performance, the micro-lens modeling and rational design enable COB LED work light to avoid the defects commonly observed in glare and point LED light can be avoided. Also, some other flaws that have existed a while in discrete lighting have been done away with in the COB LED.

The CRI can be effectively improved if red chips are appropriately added to COB. This can be done keeping the lifetime and efficiency of COB LEDs intact. And High CRI COB LED work light could be applied in the field of auto detailing.

In the sense of application, COB makes production on part of the manufacturer convenient and can reduce costs effectively. This enables us to add to the quality of LEDs manufactured here at Everlight Mfg. Also, in the production aspect, COB allows the production of high yield of COB LED module manufacturing.

While the demand for COB LED has been slow till now and there have been some intermittent standardization issues, we are slowly finding new ways to overcome the challenges.

Innovation on the move

We are making the most of the available technology to improve or products continuously. We already have a great range of products in the COB LED work light category. We are also committed to keep improving the products as we go.

To register an order in the COB LED lighting segment, all you need to do is have a look at some of our choicest COB LED products lined up below. Let us know of your thoughts and questions and we will be back within no time. Please feel free to make suggestions!

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Magnetic Base Work Light ELM-8182, COB LED Work Light

Magnetic Base Work Light

Stick or hold the LED light with your hand or even hang it down the wall, thanks to the magnetic base and pivoting design.
COB Hands Free Light ELM-8236, COB LED Work Light

COB Hands Free Light

Hands free usage of the light is facilitated by the pivoting stand. Also, ergonomic design makes it a pleasure to hold.
Metal Slim LED Work Light ELM-8209, COB LED Work Light

Slim LED Work Light

A meticulously designed slim LED work light with outstanding hand grip. Widely used in car inspection, roadside car repair.
COB LED Inspection Light ELM-8225, COB LED Work Light

COB LED Inspection Light

300 LM LED light, battery powered and rechargeable type for your selection. The 360° swivel ring built-in for hands-free use.
COB LED Magnetic Light ELM-8177, COB LED Work Light

COB LED Magnetic Light

Trapezoid-shaped multi-application LED work light that can be mounted on nearly all surfaces , thanks to 8 magnetic bases.
LED Warning Worklights ELM-8039, COB LED Work Light

LED Warning Worklight

Best tool for closets, toolboxes or during an emergency roadside repair with three modes white, red and flashing red.
Broad Beam LED Work Light ELM-8237, COB LED Work Light

Broad Beam Worklight

Triangle LED work light is featured with hidden light body and COB broad beam technology which gives you wide sight.
Rotating Magnetic LED Work Light ELM-8224-1, COB LED Work Light

Rotating LED Work Light

Rotating magnetic LED work light is featured with 360° rotating light body which can offer you no dead ends working environment.
COB Garage LED Work Light ELM-8193, COB LED Work Light

Garage LED Work Light

The essential LED work light for garage application, and also it is as handy in car inspection and construction use.
COB Magnetic LED Torch ELM-8169, COB LED Work Light

COB Magnetic LED Torch

Cellphone shaped with a flexible press button. Compact design and low weight allow you to carry it to places conveniently.
COB LED Pocket Light ELM-8195, COB LED Work Light

COB LED Pocket Light

The portable cordless LED work light that comes with integrated magnetic bases (back and bottom), which serves as a universal stand.
COB LED Rotating Light ELM-8179

COB LED Rotating Light

The handy tool can be pivoted at 180° and rotated 360°, makes it suitable for a number of work environments and conditions.
COB Magnetic Worklights ELM-8198, COB LED Work Light

COB Magnetic Worklights

The rubber coating on the body imparts an ergonomic feel to the hands. Equipped with two separate pivoting stands.
COB Pivot LED Worklight ELM-8217, COB LED Work Light

COB Pivot LED Worklight

This particular pivot work light with its 360° swiveling hook and a magnetic back helps one wish to use it as a hands free option.
Flex Rotating Magnetic Worklight ELM-8160, COB LED Work Light

Flex Magnetic Worklight

The LED work light with 100 degree rotation is ideal for workers who work in extremely complex environments.
COB LED Swivel Work Light ELM-8159

COB Swivel Work Light

Rectangular shaped and battery-powered multipurpose work light that can be pivoted by 180° and featured with flashlight.

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