China LED Lights Buying: A Definitive and Actionable Guide

Has it ever occurred to you that LED lights can be bought from China?

Or have you cringed at the thought simply because the ‘Made in China’ aspect brings to mind endless queries?

The reality is the best of LED lights can actually be procured from this nation, especially factories providing a wide assortment of LEDs, including LED flashlights, work lights, light bulbs, grow lights, flood lights and more. For all those who rested in the belief that China LED lights are nothing more than junk, it’s time to rethink.

Global demands for these lights have propelled reputed Chinese manufacturers to come up with high quality lights, but keeping the pocket pinch reasonable.

China LED Lights Buying: A Definitive and Actionable Guide

The Suspicion Prevailing over ‘Made in China’ Tag

What’s with this ‘Made in China’ tag that a large section of the population fears to trust in products manufactured from this land? Not that the industry is a stagnant one for it has all the potentials to witness growth and compete with global stalwarts. China LED lights attract many and rightly so. From the developed to the developing nations, China LED lights buying is in vogue. It is worthwhile pushing the tag aside and getting on with the purchase, for many Western buyers have only benefitted taking the leap. Though a certain degree of carefulness needs to be exerted on the part of buyers, yet that does not mean that all lights from China deserve to be discarded just because they are manufactured there.

Change in Thought

There is reason why the China LED lights manufacturers are likely to see a promising future. Why just LEDs? There are plenty of products sourced from China that has earned accolades among the masses. Among the major space rocket accidents or crashes, China prides in not forming a part of them. That Chinese parts are not always faulty is proved well here. Or take the example of Chinese high speed rail, recognized on an international level solely by virtue of the quality products gone in its making. Going by the records, this high speed rail service has reached such ridership that it is by far one of the most heavily used networks in the world.

What is more important to understand is that the ‘Made in China’ tag is nothing but another rumor that has passed from one generation to the next. For a China LED lights trading company, the competition is increasing by the day, given the range of lighting items available at present. Hence it makes more sense to find the exact LED products for one’s use and assess whether it is true value for money.

China LED Lights and Supplier Research

Prior to exacting on a supplier, it is vital to understand the kind of service you would prefer. For example, wholesale buyers or BRB can get their items from China LED lights suppliers, primarily for cost saving reasons. The global marketplace thrives with companies that rely on components bought from elsewhere, so it makes sense to bank on Chinese suppliers who not only sell items at really low rates but also of various kinds.

In this context, it requires mention that the kind of LED vendors offer depends considerably on the location as well. Take a look at some major regions and the kind of LEDs you can expect from there.

– Seen from the perspective of LED industrial distribution

With the lighting industry growing by leaps and bounds in China over the last two decades, the country surely enjoys a greater consumer market and larger manufacturing base. The industry at present has formed a huge chain, with few prime locations making up more than 85% of LED enterprise distribution. Here’s taking a look at the major regions having prime China LED lights factories.

Industry Distribution of LED in China - Everlight Notes

  • Yangtze River Delta Region

    As per the national lighting industry, market size of the Yangtze River delta is fairly large, where the annual growth is about 15%. Central cities in this region where a great concentration of the LED manufacturing occurs include- Shanghai City, Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province (Hangzhou City and Ningbo City).

    Jiangsu province (like Yangzhou city): This is a major production site for LEDs. Most are usually manufacturers of outdoor light sources. Jiangsu province has focused its attention on R&D of upstream equipment, formation of sapphire substrate and chips and so on.

    Shanghai City: Shanghai accounts for about 3.6% of national LED application enterprises. The place deals with semiconductor chip manufacturing and packaging work (both upstream and downstream). It just goes to show the equilibrium in the development process and how efficient Shanghai has turned out to be in the entire industrial chain.

    Zhejiang province (like Hangzhou city and Ningbo city): The LED enterprise application is mostly concentrated in the Zhejiang province. In fact, this is one of the three main manufacturing provinces of ‘Chinese traditional lamps’ where LED application is greater than the rest. Right after the Jiangsu province, the number of enterprises here makes for about 5.3% of total LED production, which only indicates the future development potential of the region.

    Talking in specific, Ningbo City prides in high quality China LED lights procurement, including package appliances and technology. In fact, it is China’s largest lighting production base and a distribution center, thanks to the economic advantage. On the other hand, Hangzhou City has the complete industrial chain of high-power LEDs.

    Yangtze river Delta region is actually China’s LED chip capital. This place has all the benefits of semiconductor lighting industry, whereby a greater number of technically advanced and commercial personnel are found. Besides, the experience of the industry is richer, leading to more ‘solid capital strength’.

  • Pearl River Delta region

    Domestic China LED lights manufacturers are evenly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region. However, in comparison to Yangtze, a majority of LED packaging companies or parts manufacturers are based here. In other words, Pearl River Delta region has a complete LED industry chain. Also, the entire year sees this region complete with active light companies that carry out LED lighting transformation, intelligent lights and development model innovation and so on.

    The prime cities in this region include Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou and Foshan.

    Shenzhen: Most Shenzhen based LED companies deal with the development, production, sales and service work. Professional units are aware that they form a part of the largest LED industry cluster and hence have additional duties like exporting their products to other nation states, besides seeing to LED package technology. In addition to completing their tasks, companies also offer support via ancillary services to other units.

    Dongguan: The lighting market in Dongguan region is another strong one. Upstream and midstream jobs being equally vital, this region is particularly good at the downstream of LED package technology. Since the majority of companies here focus their attention on downstream, the industry is somewhat in a state of deformity. As regards the future is concerned, the focus must be on overall development, which includes going upstream from downstream or low to high-end.

    Guangzhou: The LED industry chain at the Guangzhou area supports a number of tasks, like related materials, parts, equipment supporting ventures and so on. Companies here gave emphasized on plenty of downstream packaging business that eventually led to LED encapsulation and application, formation of chips and packaging, so as to make the industrial chain a complete one. If this advantage continues to exist, there will be chances of long term flourishing.

    Foshan: The LED industry in Foshan aims to make it to the first class LED base in the world. Some of the most reputed enterprises have already set their branches here, with few eyeing for their place. Since the area has the most advanced technology in the world coupled with a stable industrial cluster, chances of making it big are bright. Also, the annual output value has only bettered with time that puts Foshan at an advantage over the others in terms of LED manufacturing.

    The reason why companies are optimistic about the present China LED lights purchasing industry and its future in the Pearl River Delta region is because there is ‘extraordinary strength’ here. Firstly, enterprises have a really good brand value and awareness among the masses is high. Secondly, continuous development over the years has catapulted the companies to fame. As they continue to upgrade the product technology, the competitors are also following suit. Since everyone tries to utilize their expertise, the off-season also sees equal profits.

  • Northern Region

    Much like the Yangtze and Pearl River Delta region, the Northern Region of China has also developed significantly in LED manufacturing. This region is particularly notable for the kind of extensive research and development of the LED industry.

    Main cities under this region include Dalian and Beijing.

    Dalian City: In the lighting industry, Dalian has a good foundation. The optoelectronic technology in particular, is worth mentioning. Dalian being at the center of the Northeast Asian side has collaborated with other competitive nations like Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and other regions of the world so as to form greater information exchange and also a strengthened economic and technical cooperation network. It is because of this reason, optoelectronic enterprises, semiconductor chip processing, upstream material like MO source and product production and application have grown tremendously.

    Beijing City: This place has acquired a good ground for the production of LED epitaxial wafer, preparation of LED chips, packaging, application and more. Most places fail in the R&D department, but Beijing City is where the research and development and engineering application aspects have witnessed considerable development.

    Perhaps, this is the most renowned zone in Chinese LED production for R&D strength, domestic epitaxial chip technology, scope for higher industrialization and product development and most importantly, the best of talents can be availed here.

  • Jiangxi and Fujian province

    At present, this is another major region in China’s LED industry. Both places across the sea have gathered the best of LED chip enterprises, domestic for the most part. However, firm size is limited. The scope for excelling is present, especially the companies that have set their bases in these two regions.

    Jiangxi province (like Nanchang city): This place is currently going strong in every department of China LED lighting production. From upstream of large capacities of upstream epitaxial materials to chip manufacturing and even downstream device packaging, all of which guarantees high scale of production of new substrate, the province is seeing to all.

    Fujiang province (like Xiamen City): Given the talents and location advantage, Xiamen is enjoying the limelight of LED manufacturing. Most companies here deal with semiconductor chip production, packaging, application, research and development and also leading to the establishment of several other enterprises. In fact, the world’s reputed factories of lighting items are based there, Philips Lighting Electronics (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. and Topstar Lighting Co., Ltd., funded by GE (GENERAL ELECTRIC). The place is really strong when it comes to the upstream of epitaxial wafers but the expansion or application processes are somewhat weak. However, now that it will work with Taiwan’s geographical advantage for the overall development of the industry, the latter will only gain recognition.

    Without doubt, there’s no other region in China that can boast of group advantage, location advantage and talents too. These make Xiamen occupy a favorable spot in the ‘lighting industrial competition’.

– Seen from The Perspective of LED Product Category

When it comes to the kind of LEDs, China stores a variety. Each province or region however, specializes in some makes while others excel in some other type. Here’s taking a look at some leading places and the kind of lights best sourced there.

  • Zhejiang province: As a major production site for LEDs, Zhejiang specializes in the manufacturing of outdoor lights, special lighting (decorative lights can be sourced from Ningbo in this province), LED work lights, flashlights, portable cordless lights, rechargeable LEDs and many more.
  • Jiangxi province: This region too contains some of the most extraordinary LED decorative lights, bulbs and fixtures. At Gaoyou in this province, manufacturing of streetlights assume predominance. Few companies are also pioneers of CFLs, ring lights and more.
  • Guangdong province: This is one of the main centers of indoor lighting products. From LED tubes, ceiling lights, spotlights to aluminum LED flash lights, auto lights and more can be procured from this zone.

Determining the exact vendor type for your business need of China LED lights

Prior to exacting on a supplier or manufacturer, it makes more sense to understand the kind of business you are dealing in or how you wish to expand your base. Is it just the local market that you are catering to or have you made plans to distribute your services elsewhere? There is an extensive network of vendors of China LED lights. Choosing the right type will only help your business rake high profits in the long run.

The following is a list of major China LED lights suppliers:

  • China LED Lights Manufacturer

  • ‘Going straight to the source’ and making a direct purchase is better than resorting to middlemen. In China, wholesalers are not the way to proceed. Getting LED lighting items from manufacturers in China, especially for import purposes is always a wiser decision. However, there can be trouble if small businesses resort to this alternative searching for products in small quantities.

    • Advantages
      • Importer has more options when ordering for branded items (OEM/ODM)
      • Since importers are directly connected with manufacturers, the awareness of pricing structure, abilities and limitations of both are known to each other
      • Lack of intermediaries reduce prices
      • At the time of despites over negotiation, everything will be handled directly
    • Disadvantages
      • Possibility of Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) requirement remains
      • Few manufacturers lack knowledge about product owned by agents and trading companies
      • Many lack export license required for exporting of China LED lights
      • Larger manufacturing industries consider small buyers as irrelevant
      • Product selection is limited
  • China LED lights trading company

  • Trading companies have a long history in China for they act like brokers between manufacturers based there and buyers of foreign lands. One thing that trading companies usually face a problem is that manufacturers get experienced with time, which ultimately causes them to deal with buyers on a direct level. However, the charm of trading companies will not dissipate so easily.

    • Advantages
      • Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is lesser than manufacturers
      • The product selection offering may be far greater via a network of renowned manufacturers
    • Disadvantages
      • Expenses are higher in comparison to manufacturers
      • No matter what complaints or disputes, they usually go through the trading company and refund policies are also decided by them
      • Intermediaries communicate about quality issues or product specifications, increasing risks of misunderstandings
  • China LED lights wholesalers

  • Chinese wholesalers sell products ‘off shelf’ rather than moving to ‘make to order’ business models. Despite wholesalers thriving in this nation, a vast majority of the population concentrates on sourcing from manufacturers and trading companies that looks towards international markets.

When does it act in favor?

Provided you are not someone based in US or Europe (safety reasons), buying from a wholesaler is not a bad idea. A great assortment of LED lights can be bought, but in small quantities only. Besides, the kind of business you have determines to a large extent the type of vendor meant for you.

When it backfires?

In case, LEDs must be imported to US or Europe or any other nation, they must be compliant with product safety standards. Actually, very few wholesalers stick to that, which eventually results in legal cases if the regulations are not adhered to.

Small volume imports getting products from manufacturers

While it may spur a fresh debate, but many wonder if buyers who wish to get small volume of LEDs should visit manufacturers. The answer is yes. The current economic situation looks more or less satisfactory, which is why many China LED lights manufacturers accept small orders too. The reality is buying a full range of lighting items can be difficult from a manufacturer, but even if it gets demanding, there’s no harm purchasing one or two of them.

A Step-by-step Approach in Finding The Best China LED Lights Supplier

Once you’ve got your basics right, it’s vital to put your plans into action. In other words, you should execute your ideas of finding the correct supplier and place the order. In fact, there are other considerations you need to give a thought to as well.

Here’s How to Sourcing China LED Lights

  • Arranging an inquiry sheet of LED lights
  • If you know which China LED lights supplier you should get in touch with, check for the quality of lights offered. Take into consideration the specifications as under:

    • LED Chip
    • Input voltage and frequency
    • Net weight
    • Base type
    • Certification
    • Working lifetime and warranty

    After assessing these factors, state clearly to your chosen suppliers about the exact number of LED lighting products you wish to place an order for. It is only on the basis of that can they give you a quote of how much the items are likely to cost you.

  • China LED Lights Sourcing Channels
  • If you are a little skeptical about making the first move of selecting the right supplier or manufacturer, there are few channels to help you in China LED lights sourcing.

    • Top B2B platforms for China LED lights sourcing
    • China has some of the most notable B2B platforms, which function in much the same way as any ecommerce platform would. These associate suppliers with the customers without much hassle. The following are the top Chinese ones:

    • Industry Exhibitions of China LED Lights
    • Trade shows and industrial exhibitions are fairly commonplace in the Chinese market, In order to get the best of LED lights and parts, equipment; you can source it from someone ready to export the LEDs. A good place to find a number of such suppliers would be the industrial fairs and exhibitions, where the skills and products of many are showcased.

    • Hiring Sourcing Agent for Purchasing China LED Lights
    • Alternatively, you can also hire few agents, known to source high quality China LED lights vendors for clients. Such agents have an exact idea of the most reliable ones in the marketplace and they will supply you with information, depending on your exact requirements.

  • Implementing The Work Done
  • After you have found a number of suppliers at your disposal, send your inquiry sheet to them to get the necessary quotes. For those who quoted too high or too low a price, it’s better to discard them. If the middle range price suits your preference, select the some of them you wish to place an order with and don’t step back. But remember to do a thorough check with the supplier you have exacted on.

Few Tips to Stay Safe During Placing An Order with China LED Lights Suppliers

It might occur to you if your chosen supplier is a manufacturer or not. Here are few tips to ascertain yourself:

  • Check for the address (whether it’s an office or an industrial zone)
  • Manufacturers usually offer free samples, unlike trading companies or wholesalers. Besides, they charge extra
  • Response time from manufacturers is timely. Delays occur on the part of wholesalers or trading companies as they need to check with the suppliers too

The continuous growth in the demand for LED lighting has only paved the way for more production, development and application. Given the global requirements, it is hence no surprise that China LED lights buying units have taken an upper hand in the supply of the same.

Useful Tools for buying from China and Selling locally

Initial Sourcing

  • Without doubt, the Alibaba is the largest B2B platform in China. It will help you to sourcing products or services rapidly for all products at the beginning of order. Alexa Ranking of

  • is belongs to Focus Technology Co., Ltd., 2nd B2B platform in China and it is suitable for industry products sourcing.

  • 3rd B2B platform and it is suitable for 3C products sourcing.

Taxes and Import Duties

  • Dutycalculator is used to identify possible taxes and import duties. The first three “look up’s” are free of charge but then you need to pay.

Shipment Inspections

  • For shipment inspections as they are reliable, cost efficient and have a easy to use online booking system. They offer a wide range of inspection, audit and compliance testing services.

Selling Locally

  • Of course, you could use WordPress+plugin or Magento to build your own online shop. Now, Shopify gives you another easy way to start your business rapidly.