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21 11, 2016

DIY: Super Bright Flashlight Above 10k Lumens Costs Under $40

2017-09-27T10:33:08+08:00Categories: Knowledge|

DIY: Super Bright Flashlight Above 10k Lumens by Everlight Notes

In this post I'm going to show you how to build a 10k lumens bright LED flashlight.

It's designed to be operated with just one hand, with easy control of brightness, and can be powered by either batteries or an ac adapter.

It has two modes, flood light mode and spot light mode, which makes it very useful for a variety of different situations.

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26 02, 2016

Color Changing Lights

2016-12-08T20:43:32+08:00Categories: Knowledge|

Color Changing Lights posted by Everlight Notes

Color changing lighting fixtures are highly energy-efficient and are suitable for both commercial and residential lighting.

Color changing LED wall washers and color changing LED strips both have certain advantages that cannot simply be overlooked.

Check our deep analysis in this post!

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18 12, 2015

China LED Lights Buying

2016-12-08T20:46:29+08:00Categories: Knowledge|

China LED Lights Buying: A Definitive and Actionable Guide.

Has it ever occurred to you that LED lights can be bought from China? Or have you cringed at the thought simply because the ‘Made in China’ aspect brings to mind endless queries?

Read on to catch the process from head to toe regarding to China LED Lights, additional insight INCLUDED!

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12 11, 2015

LED Light Hack Start-Off List

2016-12-08T20:47:32+08:00Categories: Knowledge|

LED light could be hacked to DSLR video light, bike riding light or LED wall light.

Have you ever think the LED work light could be hacked for many applications such as DSLR video light, wall light and more?

Now, We went through some of the most innovative applications of LED light, and we must concede we have been astounded with the kind of LED light hack ideas we have seen so far!

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