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The Evelight Sales Team attend the National Hardware Show 2015

National Hardware Show

LED Lighting Manufacturing, The Evelight Sales Team attend the Hong Kong Electrionics Fair 2015

Hong Kong Electrionics Fair

AAPEX Show, Evelight Manufacturing


East China Fair

East China Fair

LIGHTING FAIR, Japan Lighting Manufacturers Association

Japan Lighting Fair


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Proven LED Lighting Manufacturer in China

Niche LED Industry Player with Interest in Plastic Electronics

Everlight Manufacturing has been among the most consistent LED lights manufacturers in China. We offer a wide variety of industrial and residential LED products ranging from simple flashlights to sophisticated plastic electronics. Each product draws fuel from innovation and technology driven by the bright minds at the Everlight labs. We combine technologies, materials and applications to produce the best small products the LED industry has ever seen. Everlight products are consistently creative and amazingly durable.

We have serviced clients across the six continents and have some heavyweight names to show for it. Right from the largest Oil corporations to small garage owners, we have found takers from every nook and cranny of the industrial echelon. Our penchant for research and better LED product manufacturing is far from diluted. And we are trying immense new things to add to the LED revolution. Join us to be a part of it!