Magnetic LED Work Light: Stable and Inexhaustible LEDs for Smaller Work Environments

What has magnet got to do with LED lights?

A lot, we say.

At Everlight Manufacturing, we bring to you a range of magnetic LED work light that blends portability and productivity like never before.

Simple innovation and great results on magnetic LED work light

Our range of magnetic LED work lights are meant for the nuance-lovers. Our research transforms simple creative ideas into innovation that speaks for itself. Be it the garage work light, hanging work light, or the simple magnetic work light in our kitty, you get all the application you ask for.

What’s so magnetic about it?

A simple LED device with a magnet base can make a lot of difference to your job-site. Take our word for it. Our magnetic base LED work lights have lit up small auto repair shops and cozy dinner tables alike.

On most occasions, working at cramped sites calls for lighting challenges. These are the same occasions, when you wished for portable lighting solutions. And we brought you this range of lighting just there.

You can choose the hook-ganging lights if the need is to light up a certain portion of the room. You may also choose the table top light for further fine work. The Everlight Manufacturing range of magnetic LEDs also has several rotational devices that fit a laundry list of applications and budgets.

One range covers all applications

Our stream of products in this category is purely based on application. Each product is suited for a definite application that takes into consideration the corresponding job environments. However, if you happen to discover a different application set for one of these products, we do not complain!

Work applications: Under the worklight section, you will find a list of Everlight products that are designed to make the worksite a happier place. Our innovators have taken into consideration novelties as fine as the reflective properties of common worksite tools!

Outdoor applications: If you spell c for camping, we have a jolly collection of lighting toys for you. The spread light, the bar light, the branch-hanging light – we combined LED to each of these and there you go – a whole new bag of camping gear that spells l for light.

Emergency application: Remember that cagey situation you faced when the street lights suddenly napped on your walk down home? We know how troublesome those lanes can get. But a little LED device in the palm of your pocket can make the lane smart again. Check out our new range of emergency magnetic LED worklights and we swear you will never accuse the district no more.

Small sized excellence

That is what we love to call our magnetic work lights. Rarely will you find one of our lights bigger than the smallest purses in your closet! This makes us one of the most trusted small LED device manufacturers in the industry.
Talk to us about our query on any of the lights you liked and we will hopefully take you through the end of the thought process.

Garage Work Light ELM-8193, Magnetic LED Work Light

Garage Work Light

The essential LED work light for garage application, magnetic base make it handy for car inspection and construction use.
Magnetic Inspection Light ELM-8024L, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Inspection Light

With brightness 300 LM and anti-slip rubber material, makes sure the light fits perfectly in hand and does not slip away.
LED Magnetic Flashlight ELM-8217, Magnetic LED Work Light

LED Magnetic Flashlight

Particular LED flashlight with its 360° swiveling hook and a magnet on back helps one wish to use it as hands free tool.
LED Magnetic Lamp ELM-8160, Magnetic LED Work Light

LED Magnetic Lamp

The LED work light with built-in magnet and 100° rotation is ideal for one who works in extremely complex job site.
LED Magnetic Light ELM-8159, Magnetic LED Work Light

LED Magnetic Light

Battery-powered multipurpose work light with built-in magnet stand that can be pivoted by 180° and featured with flashlight.
Small Magnetic Flashlight ELM-8169, Magnetic LED Work Light

Small Magnetic Flashlight

Cellphone shaped with a flexible press button. Compact design and magnet allow you to carry and put it to anywhere.
LED Stick Work Light ELM-8179, Magnetic LED Work Light

LED Stick Work Light

LED Light body can be pivoted at 180° and rotated 360°, makes it suitable for a number of work sites and conditions.
Magnetic Base Light ELM-8177, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Base Light

Thanks to 8 magnetic bases and trapezoid-shaped, multi-application LED work light that can be mounted on nearly all surfaces.
Magnetic Camping Light ELM-8072L, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Camping Light

LED light can be held with the hand, hung down a hook. Go camping with it and let it benefit your outdoor activity.
Magnetic Emergency Lights ELM-8039, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Emergency Lights

Essential tool for closets, toolboxes or during an emergency roadside repair with three modes white, red and flashing red.
Magnetic Flashlight ELM-8195, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Flashlight

Portable cordless LED work flashlight that comes with integrated magnetic base, which serves as a universal stand.
Portable Work Light ELM-8198, Magnetic LED Work Light

Portable Work Light

The rubber coating on the body imparts an ergonomic feel to the hands. Also equipped with two magnets on pivoting stands.
Magnetic Work Lamp ELM-8145, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Work Lamp

The scope for application for this slim LED light is various. Allow you to use it for camping, emergencies and workshops.
Magnetic Trouble Light ELM-8032, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Trouble Light

A meticulously designed gives LED light outstanding hand grip. Widely used in car inspection, roadside car repair and more.
Hanging Work Light ELM-8182, Magnetic LED Work Light

Hanging Work Light

Stick or hold the LED light with your hand or even hang it down the wall, thanks to the magnetic base and pivoting design.
Magnetic Inspection Lamp ELM-8028L, Magnetic LED Work Light

Magnetic Inspection Lamp

Thanks to the kickstand/ built-in magnet and ergonomic design, the LED light is ideal for inspection and long time hold.

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